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Wodehouse - The Master Wordsmith

Jeeves and Bertie Wooster stories

Read about how Bertie Wooster's manservant Jeeves rescues him from various difficulties, protects him from his Aunt Agatha 'the werewolf who eats glass and conducts human sacrifices', and manages to keep him a bachelor

  1. Carry on, Jeeves is a collection of rollicking stories in which Jeeves rescues his young master from situation after situation involving his pals ('Corky', 'Biffy', 'Bingo', 'Rocky') or "dear Motty", who nibbles the knob of his walking-stick in his dominating mother's presence, but goes off on a binge while she's out of town. Both the paperback and the hardback versions are available. Open this book to any story, it's good for a few giggles.
  2. Right Ho, Jeeves. One of Wodehouse's best books. Aunt Dahlia summons Bertie to her house. Bertie tries to get two pairs of sundered hearts together, and in the process, cannot keep from getting engaged to the soppy Madeline Basset, who thinks that "the stars are God's daisy chain". Gussie Fink-Nottle getting tight and delivering a speech at the local girls' school, the temperamental French chef Anatole, Tuppy Glossop and Angela.... it's laugh after laugh. Finally, it is left to Jeeves' ingenuity to extricate Bertie. Available in paperback. Order it here.
  3. In Association with

  4. Joy in the Morning The setting this time is Steeple Bumpleigh with more of Wodehouse's characters Nobby Hopwood, engaged to Bertie's pal Boko Fittleworth, G. D'Arcy ("Stilton") Cheesewright, who is now engaged to Florence Craye (to whom Bertie had been engaged earlier, and who "seemed to look on Bertram Wooster as a mere chunk of plasticine in the hands of the sculptor..... one of those intellectual girls, steeped to the gills in serious purpose, who are unable to see a male soul without wanting to get behind it and shove." Add to these Bertie's Uncle Percy, J. Chichester Clam, Edwin the Boy Scout, with the shadow of Aunt Agatha hovering in the background. Another hilarious riot of laughter. Get the audio cassette.
  5. The Inimitable Jeeves: Meet Claude and Eustace, Sippy and young Bingo Little in yet another collection of wonderfully relaxing short stories. Jeeves has to get either Bertie or his friends out of trouble and does it with his usual mental agility. Highly recommended!
  6. Ring for Jeeves Jeeves is now in the service of Bill, Earl of Rowcester, with Bertie attending a school which teaches young gentlemen to fend for themselves. Bill desperately needs to sell his mansion, but his brother-in-law Rory is no help, telling Mrs. Bessemer, a hot prospect, that "whereas in summer the river is at the bottom of the garden, in winter, the garden is at the bottom of the river". Enter the big-game hunter, Captain Biggar and of course Rory comes up with "Who is bigger, Mister Biggar or Master Biggar" - Master Biggar, because he's just a little Bigger". Jeeves, of course, is in good nick as usual. The audio cassette, narrated by Nigel Lambert, is available currently.


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