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This is how you can promote your site with our help:

It's well-known that freebies like T-shirts are a great way to drive traffic to your site. But administering the prizes is also a great deal of work. Leave that to us.

We have this incredible offer for you: we get the pure cotton T-shirts, if required, with a simple company logo, for you. You just send us the names and addresses of the winners. We'll then send them the T-shirts at a price of just USD 11.00 per T-shirt, including shipping. Yes, you read that right: 11 dollars including shipping. So once you've chosen the winners, you don't have to do a thing. And of course, we'll do whatever we can to help promote your contest, because after all, your success is our success.

Think about it: who wouldn't like a free T? If you offer a trip to Hollywood, only one person gets the prize. Some people might think, "What chance do I have among the tens of thousands who'll participate?". But if you offer several T-shirts instead, or at least as consolation prizes, they'll think, "OK, let's give it a shot. I might at least get a T-shirt". And there you have a visitor.

Throw in a few T-shirts, and you'll achieve much more than with all those banner exchanges and the battle for top rankings among the search engines.

What are you still waiting for? 10 T-shirts, that's just $ 110, and yer on yer way!

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