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Bow Pose



In this pose, the hands have the function of a bowstring. The hands and head are to be pulled upwards, and you have to balance on the abdomen.
Lie flat, face downwards, on the floor.

>Exhale, bend the knees and bring the feet towards the buttocks. Stretch both hands backwards and grasp the left ankle with the left hand and the right ankle with the right hand. Breathe deeply. Exhale completely and simultaneously pull up the legs, as well as the head and chest.

It is easier to raise the legs by keeping them apart. After you have raised them, you can gradually join them together.

You may breathe fast, because the abdomen gets extended. Not to worry. Hold the pose for up to one minute, according to your capacity.

Release the pose gently.

Remember the usual mantra: when practicing Yoga, be gentle, work your way up gradually. Never try to reach absolute perfection in the pose at the first go. If you have any doubt whatsover,  consult your physician or a qualified person first. In case you have any problems such as blood pressure or heart trouble consult an experienced teacher first!

This pose has been found to relieve pain due to slipped discs in old people, without needing surgical treatment or rest.

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